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Contacto +34 93 737 62 70

Course Information and Registration

City: Remoto
Starts on: 10/05/2021
Ends on: 20/05/2021
Duration: 12h hours
Schedule: 15h – 18h
Trainer: Alex Ballarin
Language: Español
Price: 1.450,00+ VAT 21%

Early Bird: € + IVA (hasta lunes, 19 abril, 2021)


Course Address / Virtual

Flight Levels Horario 30/4/2021
Curso virtual

Course Description

Flight Levels Systems Architecture (FLSA) en Español


The aim of this training is to transfer the contents of the bestseller Rethinking Agile by Klaus Leopold into practice. We will work on selected case studies from different industries and implement the contents of the book step by step. Find out what you need to do so that your company does not sink money into agile frameworks, but can achieve real business agility in a very lean way. Only topics that have proven their practical value are covered in the training. You see how other companies have mastered business agility and you get the chance to apply the concepts to your own context and receive valuable feedback.

Datos básicos

  • Duration: In-person: 2 days / Online: 4 x 3 hr sessions
  • Certification: Certificate of Completion
  • Frequency: 3 public courses a year
  • Public Course Locations: London
  • Private Courses Available: Yes
  • Virtual/Remote Course Available: Yes
  • Languages: Español
  • Payment Formats: Credit Card, TransferWise, Paypal or by Invoice
  • Payment Currencies: GBP, EUR or USD
  • Contact:
  • What’s included:
    • Lunch on both days (in-person training only)
    • Access to the Actineo Newsletter
    • Access to the Actineo Slack channel
    • Membership of the Actineo Alumni Network including 20% discount on future courses
Flight Levels

Learning Outcomes

  • Establish business agility beyond team boundaries
  • Manage dependencies between teams and services/products
  • Operationalise business strategy


  • Team agility vs. business agility
  • Case study of business agility
  • Create the architecture of systems
  • Setting strategic objectives
  • Operationalize strategic objectives
  • Understanding Flight Level architectures
  • Createing Flight Level architectures
  • Designing information flows and communication flows
  • Roll-out and take-off


  • We assume a sound knowledge of agile working methods or modern management systems.
  • Knowledge of the working methods of organisations with 50 – 5000 employees is needed.


Apart from experienced agile coaches, the training is clearly directed at middle management and senior management. Your company is in an agile transition, teams are already working with agile methods, but success is waiting. Agility is a declared goal in your company and you want to know how to approach it successfully and cost-effectively. You’re not a fan of framework religions, agile marketing posters and standard mash recipes but want a customized approach for your organization. You want to break through the agile team boundaries and achieve agility for your entire organization.


Certificate of attendance.

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