Contacto +34 93 737 62 70
Contacto +34 93 737 62 70

Course Information and Registration

City: Remoto
Starts on: 25/11/2022
Ends on: 25/11/2022
Duration: 8 hours
Schedule: 9h – 17h
Trainer: Alex Ballarin
Language: English
Price: 15,00+ VAT 21%

Early Bird: € + IVA (hasta miércoles, 22 marzo, 2023)


Course Address / Virtual

Evento Virtual
Evento Virtual

Course Description

Make your Scrum outcome-driven!

Do we spend too much time deciphering the theory of Scrum? Could we achieve more talking about user outcomes and business impacts? In the second edition of Scrumday Barcelona we want to bring new ideas and solutions on a keynote track learning from the experts and also working together on an interactive track

Virtual event: December 3rd

Scrumday Barcelona is a virtual event and donates all the profits to improve the life of patients affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

The event will start in


The sessions will be recorded and made available to attendees.

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Organized by Barcelona Scrum Meetup


Barcelona Scrum Meetup was born in 2014 to meet people interested in Scrum. Our virtual meetups have a bigger reach.

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