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Categoría: Developing People and Teams | Coaching & Mentoring

The Product Owner is busy and does not spend time enough collaborating with the Developers. As a result of this, several conflicts have appeared over the last Sprints.

Some requirements were left to the team to develop and were rejected by the Product Owner during the Sprint Review. The Developers are upset due to the wasted time and demand a solution to the Scrum Master. Some of then are even considering to leave to another team. What could the Scrum Master do?

(Choose the two best answers)

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Categoría: Developing People and Teams | Coaching & Mentoring

You are working as Scrum Master with one new team. They feel the Sprint Retrospective is not needed because they are busy with tight deadlines and they have not identified many good improvements during the last Retrospectives. Therefore they want to run the Sprint Retrospective on demand, just when a significant problem is identified.

How would you react?

(Choose the best two answers)

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Categoría: Evolving the Agile Organization | Organizational Design & Culture

What of the following are principles that should scaled-Scrum follow in order to be consistent with Scrum?

(Select the three best answers)

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Categoría: Developing People and Teams | Coaching & Mentoring

You are the Scrum Master of a team which faces a internal conflict. A couple of its members are frequently having different opinions of how to do things. They are a minority within the group and so most of the times had to follow the opinion of the majority, but recently they have started to skip the group decisions when working. There is a growing frustration because of this.

What are acceptable things you can do as a Scrum Master?

(Choose the two best answers)

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Categoría: Developing People and Teams | Coaching & Mentoring

As a Scrum Master starting to work with a new Scrum Team, you observe several disfunctions during the Daily Scrum event:
– The Product Owner is there asking questions that challenge the self-management of the Developers during the Sprint.
– The Team Lead speaks a lot and instructs the other Developers on what to do and who to collaborate with.
– The event extends way longer than its expected timebox.

What could you do?

(choose the best answer)

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Categoría: Developing People and Teams | Self-Managing Teams

What are responsibilities of a self-managed team in Scrum?

(Select All correct answers)

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Categoría: Understanding and Applying the Scrum Framework | Scrum Team

How Product Backlog Items are shared when several Scrum Teams are working in the same product?

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Categoría: Understanding and Applying the Scrum Framework | Empiricism

You are the Scrum Master of four teams that will develop a new complex product. In similar past projects, an architecture and integration team was monitoring and integrating the work of the component teams. Which of the following approaches is aligned with Scrum?

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